I come here to share with you my passion for improved health and wellness through the use of pure essential oils and the reduction of toxic chemicals in our lives.  I aim to provide you with recipes on how to make your own cleaning and self care products as well as having all the ingredients, containers, reference books, and accessories available for purchase.

You may still be asking, who am I? And what brought me here?  Well my name is Carrie,  I am a wife, and mother of two beautiful children. I have been dealing with my own health issues from chronic pain to discovering I am a coeliac.  With years of struggle working purely with modern medicine I have found that it just wasn’t cutting it and I needed extra support.

By reducing the use of toxic chemicals, removal of all gluten in my diet and with the use of essential oils for specific ailments the improvement in my life and health has been significant.  Not only do I wish to further improve our lives, but I want to share my story with you and be able to help educate others on how making a few simple changes could help you and your families live a fuller and happier life.